SASO inspires and mobilizes
boys and their mothers
to provide service and leadership that positively impacts the local communities


SASO offers philanthropic opportunities for Mothers and Sons to impact their community and beyond. Click here to view our scheduled events.

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SASO is an inclusive Mother/Son Organization. Click here to view our membership process.


Hope the school year has started off well for everyone!  SASO boys had a busy summer. Thanks to everyone for your hard work so far! As of September, 116 members have completed 1 event, and 17 have already completed 3 (and of course are welcome to sign up for more)!
Thanks to everyone who volunteered to be an event captain, philanthropy liaison, or board member through our signup genius. We will be in touch soon. We still have a few spots open, see this link to volunteer or confirm your signup:
Back to the Basics — Who is SASO Boys?
We are a philanthropic and leadership organization for high school boys who either live in the town of Fairfield or attend high school in the town of Fairfield. We have one simple requirement for our members – mothers and sons must participate together in at least 3 of our philanthropy events each year (SASO year runs from June 1 – May 31).
How to Sign-Up for SASO Boys Events:
Check website often ( for news, upcoming events, important contacts and follow us on Facebook
To sign up for Events:
1. Click on Events Tab
2. Review Events.  Click on Event interested in
3. Read Events Details and sign up mother/son individually on each line
4. After completing an event  have 1 person from the group send email to listing names,
date and event to record completed event. Note: New – please have 1 person send email for the group per event.
Proper SASO service protocol:
 Wear SASO t-shirts.
 Arrive 5 minutes early.
 Check in with SASO Captain or Philanthropy contact.
 No texting or talking on cell phones while volunteering.
 If work completed ask what additional work can be done.
 Consider taking pictures to share on our website and with our Facebook followers. Please send pictures to Bonnie Boyle at
*If you sign up for an event for some reason are unable to attend, it is  your responsibility to find a replacement and notify the event captain or philanthropy liaison.  (Two “no-shows” result in removal from  membership.)
All our best,
Meg Kelleher & Jenn O’Hara
Co-Presidents SASO Boys, Fairfield Chapter