SASO inspires and mobilizes
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to provide service and leadership that positively impacts the local communities


SASO offers philanthropic opportunities for Mothers and Sons to impact their community and beyond. Click here to view our scheduled events.

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SASO is an inclusive Mother/Son Organization. Click here to view our membership process.

2019/2020 Membership Update

Thanks to everyone who has sent their renewal forms and new member applications. We are processing applications and verifying events for current members. Our plan is to be back in touch with an update on our website and via email when we reach capacity or in early June once all applications are received and processed.

Thanks for your patience and watch the website, facebook, and your email for updates.

What’s new in SASO?
It’s hard to believe, but we need to talk about the end of the SASO year. Our year ends on 5/31. What does that mean to you? Please make sure you’ve checked on the events that you’ve completed. You need 3 events completed to renew your membership. The good news is that many of our members have already completed 3 events. We emailed you details on how to check your event status recently, so please look for that if you have any questions. The status of events completed can be found under the membership tab. You just need a password to view, which was emailed to you.
Let’s talk about renewal and new membership. Specifics can be found under the membership tab but here are the most important things to know:
  1. We will be accepting membership renewal applications from 4/1-4/30 for CURRENT MEMBERS. Members must renew every year by completing the application and paying the renewal fee. Send form and check together by mail. We are giving current members first rights to membership so be sure to take advantage of renewing in April!
  2. The membership drive will open for NEW MEMBERS from 5/1-5/25 or until we reach membership capacity. All applications are organized by the date they are received. We will communicate if we reach capacity before 5/25. We need to cap membership this year at 225 boys. We’d love to take everyone who applies, but unfortunately, we don’t have that ability. We need to make sure we have enough events for all members to complete 3.
As we close out the SASO year, just a reminder to submit expenses if you’ve paid for any food for a SASO event. You will be reimbursed up to $200 per event, please send request with a receipt showing payment to process your reimbursement. All expense reimbursements must be processed by 5/31, so please submit to our Treasurer (Christine Sirbono at no later than 5/1.
We are making plans for next year already! We need a Treasurer for our Board. This sounds intimidating – but the Treasurer is busiest at membership renewal time, and then the rest of the year slows down to processing some bills and member reimbursements.  We are also looking for help with VP of Philanthropy, where you would be main contact for a few of our philanthropies. This position is divided among 3-4 people. If you’d like to explore board opportunities, please contact Meg at and we may be able to find a spot for you! Our board meets once a month (with munchies and wine!) and responsibilities are divided up so that all positions are manageable with our busy lives.
We hope you have enjoyed some of our personal growth events this year. The goal of these events is to bring topics that might interest or help our members at no additional cost. We have more coming so please check your email blasts and the events page for more details.
How to Sign-Up for SASO Boys Events:
Check website often ( for news, upcoming events, important contacts and follow us on Facebook
To sign up for Events:
1. Click on Events Tab
2. Review Events.  Click on Event interested in
3. Read Events Details and sign up mother/son individually on each line
4. After completing an event  have 1 person from the group send email to listing names,
date and event to record completed event. Note: New – please have 1 person send email for the group per event.
Back to the Basics — Who is SASO Boys?
We are a philanthropic and leadership organization for high school boys who either live in the town of Fairfield or attend high school in the town of Fairfield. We have one simple requirement for our members – mothers and sons must participate together in at least 3 of our philanthropy events each year (SASO year runs from June 1 – May 31).

We look forward to another SASO year, filled with opportunity to help our local community.

All our best,

Meg Kelleher and Jenn O’Hara

SASO Co-Presidents, Fairfield Chapter