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Bridgeport Rescue Mission Toiletries Drive

Event Captain: Louise Gidez


Bridgeport Rescue Mission - Toiletries Drive
We are looking for 5 mom and son teams to help with a toiletries drive for Bridgeport Rescue Mission (BRM).  Each team is asked to collect and prepare 20 finished bags for distribution.  BRM is asking for each bag to contain one toothbrush, one toothpaste, one bar of soap and one shampoo.  Travel size is preferred.  Teams can work independently or together for collection and bag preparation, and delivery to BRM.   Teams can be creative for collection and promotion whether through social media, flyers, email,  posters, school, clubs, neighborhood, library, work place, or family get -togethers.
Delivery should be to the Bridgeport Rescue Mission Donation Center; 1069 Connecticut Avenue, Bridgeport, CT , Tuesday - Saturday between 9am-5pm.
Request is for delivery by April 30, 2019.
Any questions please contact Louise Gidez 203.521.6864 or

All spots have been filled.

April 30, 2019

Task/ItemStart Time End TimeAvailable Spots
Collect & Assemble toiletry bags N/A N/A#1: Patrick E.
#2: Cheryl E.
#3: Peter H.
#4: Will H.
#5: jen h.
#6: Joan F.
#7: Collin F.
#8: Amanda M.
#9: Peter M.
#10: Sion M.


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