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President’s Volunteer Service Award

In 2016 SASO Fairfield was approved as an official Certifying Organization for the President’s Volunteer Service Award!  This prestigious designation is a tremendous honor for SASO and gives us the ability to bestow Presidential recognition to our outstanding volunteers.

The President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) is the United States’ premier volunteer awards program, encouraging citizens to live a life of service through Presidential gratitude and national recognition. PVSA recognizes volunteers who have achieved the required number of service hours over a 12-month period. Along with the ultimate honor of Presidential recognition, recipients will receive a personalized certificate, an official memento, and a congratulatory letter from the President of the United States.

For SASO members, the PVSA award period is the same as that of the SASO membership year, June 1st – May 31st. Awards are given for Gold, Silver, and Bronze levels of achievement and targets for Teens (age 11-15) begin at 50 service hours for a Bronze award; Young Adults (age 16-25) begin at 100 hours of service.  All service must be completed in the designated 12-month period. For additional information please visit the PVSA website:

Congratulations to SASO on this designation and the acknowledgement of the good work we all are doing in our community.  We hope that this opportunity for Presidential recognition will inspire some of our volunteer leaders to take on the challenge and answer the President’s call to service!


Individuals that meet the criteria are eligible for the PVSA.

  • Recipient(s) must be a United States citizen or a lawfully admitted permanent resident of the United States.
  • Awards are issued for service hours served within a 12-month time period.
  • Awards are issued for volunteer service only; additional levels of participation with the organization (i.e., charitable support) are not a factor considered for the award.
  • Court-ordered community service does not qualify for the award.
  • Paid service is not eligible.
  • Awards are issued by approved Certifying Organizations.
  • Service must be certified with an approved Certifying Organization that is legally established in the U.S., Puerto Rico or one of the U.S. territories.



There is no “application” for the PVSA. It is solely based on the number of logged and certified volunteer hours accumulated during the SASO membership year, which is June 1 – May 31st.

Boys should create a profile on the PVSA website and begin to log their volunteer hours. SASO will certify their volunteer hours and sponsor them for the PVSA if they meet all of the requirements.

To create a profile:

1. Go to the PVSA website
2. Select the “Get Involved” tab and scroll down and select the menu option


3. Please read this page carefully for the PVSA criteria. At the bottom of the page are the directions to create a volunteer account.

4. Complete your volunteer profile. The ROS key is the code that links your volunteer profile to SASO. The ROS key you must input is QSN-1625.

5. Once your profile is complete, you can sign on from the top of the HOME page using the user id and password that you created.

Boys can enter their volunteer hours from June 1st and continue to enter new hours as they are completed until May 31st.

SASO Requirements for PVSA Certification

The SASO award Year is from June 1st – May 31st.

A minimum of 50% of the hours used for qualification for PVSA must be attained through SASO service events.

For service hours completed through SASO, the volunteer’s participation must be on record with the SASO Membership VP. This is done via an email to after participation in each event. Important: If you do not report your participation after each event, SASO will not have a record of your service and will not be able to certify it for the PVSA

For Service hours not served through SASO a signed Community Service Verification Form is required. This form is available on the SASO website.

When entering Volunteer hours please put SASO/Name of Benefiting Organization in the Benefiting Organization field. For Example:SASO/Operation Hope, SASO/CT Challenge, SASO/Bigelow Sr Center

 To determine the appropriate award category, Teen (11-15) or Young Adult(16-25), a volunteer will qualify for the age that they are for the majority of the award year (at least 7 of the 12 months).

For questions, contact the SASO PVSA Coordinator:  Mary Nardone at

Click here for Service Verification Form: