SASO inspires and mobilizes
boys and their mothers
to provide service and leadership that positively impacts the local communities


SASO offers philanthropic opportunities for Mothers and Sons to impact their community and beyond. Click here to view our scheduled events.

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SASO is an inclusive Mother/Son Organization. Click here to view our membership process.

Membership for the 2021-22 school year is now open (as of April 1st) for renewals. We will begin accepting new members on 4/15. Renewing members, you must have completed (or signed up for) 3 events to be eligible for renewal. We will accept applications until 5/15, or until we become full, so send in applications and payment asap.  We’ve modernized this year, so the process is different.

Check the membership tab for how to renew and join.

If you need a reminder on events you’ve completed, go to:

Membership Info

to access the events completed spreadsheet. A SASO blast will come shortly with the password reminder to access it.

We did amazing work this past SASO year during this pandemic. Our philanthropies are still facing great need and challenges, and most in person volunteer events are temporarily on hold for everyone’s continued safety during the pandemic. You may notice more food drive events than usual as we try to support our philanthropies during this very difficult time. We are also offering flexible events that you can design yourselves to help neighbors who need it during this time. If you learn of a new way SASO could help somewhere, please contact Meg at

Check out the FAQs below and the Events tab if you want to get started.



Who are we?

SASO, pronounced “say-so” and whose name stems from the catch phrase “If you need help, just SASO.” (Just Say So) is an inclusive high school boys service organization for boys who live in or attend high school in the town of Fairfield. We focus on having our mom and son teams participate in events that help partnered philanthropies. We provide personal growth for the boys to help them grow in such skills of leadership, service and interpersonal relationships.

How do we join?

SASO’s year runs from June 1-May 31st. Current SASO members  (and siblings who would like to join) can apply NOW for renewal while new members (8th graders -12th graders) apply April 15th. All applications are due no later than May 15th and are accepted in the order they are received. Current members must complete 3 events to be eligible for renewal.

The applications is new this year and is ONLINE!  Check How to become a member under the membership tab for details.

Who are the board members and liaisons?

Our board members are new or current members who serve for two years or more. They bring new ideas and enthusiasm as well as a passion for service. Our board meets once a month to review current happenings and needs.

We hope that you will consider getting involved! If being part of the board is not for you, then please consider becoming a liaison or event captain. Liaisons are direct connections to philanthropies and help to organize, plan and advertise our events. Event Captains are key leaders at given events who help to manage events, log volunteers and answer questions.

We applied. Are we in?

Once all membership applications are processed, all members will receive an email welcoming them to SASO. The homepage will also be updated with the welcome letter. Your dues check will be cashed. If we cannot accept your membership due to capacity, you will be notified and your check will be returned.
If you aren’t receiving emails by the end of June, please contact our membership coordinator. As well, once you are a member, please make sure to pick up your SASO t-shirts. Our welcome letter on the website outlines where and when to get them from.

Do mom & son need to attend every event together?

As we are a mom/son organization, we ask that you complete your three events together. After completing the three events together, your son or you can volunteer alone.

Can we show up at an event if there are no sign up spots on the website?

We love and encourage enthusiastic volunteering however our philanthropies sometimes have specific numbers of volunteers needed. It is best to email the event captain and check with them.

What do we do if we can’t make the event we committed to?

Please do your best to sign up for events that you are able to commit to attending. Our philanthropies rely on us for help, and last minute cancellations leave us — and more importantly them — scrambling. If something unexpected (like an illness) comes up, please try to find a replacement. If you are unable to find someone, and you absolutely cannot make the event, contact the captain, giving as much notice as possible. Their email is connected to their name link under the event on the website.

As well, please email Bonnie Boyle at so that your name can be removed from the volunteer slot.

How do I record that I completed an event?

Reporting that you completed an event is needed after each event.
At each event, you should find a sign in sheet. One person should be in charge of having that signed by all volunteers, taking a photo of the completed sheet and then sending that to the events coordinator at  No sign in sheet? No problem- email the events coordinator with your names, date and time of service and event.

Find a record of your completed events under our MEMBERSHIP tab, with the heading EVENTS COMPLETED. Keep the password for this handy!

What is PVSA ( President’s Volunteer Service Award)?

The President’s Volunteer Service Award Is the United States’ premier award program to encourage service. SASO is certified to bestow this award to members who qualify. It is awarded based on number of hours served during SASO membership year, within following age categories:
Teens (11-15) Hours: Bronze 50, Silver 75, Gold 100+
Young Adult (16-25) Hours: Bronze 100, Silver 175, Gold 250+

SASO members who wish to participate must contact Mary Nardone at ( to register interest and meet all requirements of PVSA which include serving a minimum of 30% of hours through SASO and a maximum of 70% hours through other service organization while tracking and certifying every hour on Google Docs

For more information and links, go to SASO’s website tab “PVSA Requirements for Boys”

Who do we contact with questions?

Questions about membership? Contact

Questions regarding event completion? Contact

Other questions?

Contact Co-Presidents Meg Kelleher at or Jenn O’Hara at