SASO inspires and mobilizes
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to provide service and leadership that positively impacts the local communities


SASO offers philanthropic opportunities for Mothers and Sons to impact their community and beyond. Click here to view our scheduled events.

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SASO is an inclusive Mother/Son Organization. Click here to view our membership process.

Event Captains

SASOGuidelines for Event Captains

  1. Contact SASO Philanthropy Liaison and or Philanthropy Contact.
  2. Gain a general understanding of philanthropy and event goals.
  3. Work with Philanthropy Contact to understand plan and goal for SASO volunteers, including date & time of event, purpose, location, the ideal number of volunteers needed (maximum and minimum.) Is this a son-only event or mother and son (preferred) event? Are mothers required to be present?
    1. Establish a good rapport with philanthropy
    2. Under promise and over deliver
  4. Determine the date the Philanthropy needs a headcount of volunteers.
  5. Make sure you know what is needed, water, snacks, special equipment, in-kind donations, tables, SASO banner, etc.
  6. If appropriate have a representative of Philanthropy speak or give a tour to volunteers so that they learn about the organization.
  7. Communicate Event or Project to SASO members via website & E-blasts.

Details of events should include: Name of Event and Philanthropy; Location with address; Date; Time of event or shifts; Number of Volunteers needed; Captain of Event and contact information; Supplies needed, if any; appropriate attire (usually SASO t-shirts).

Website: Bonnie Boyle-  As soon as the event is confirmed we can put it on SASO website. All details should be finalized two weeks prior to event. Please fill out Event Posting Form.

Email Blasts: Sheila Sullivan-  E-blasts weekly for two or three weeks prior to event if more volunteers needed.

  1. Recruit volunteers for your event!! Talk it up! Send emails to friends and email blasts to SASO members.   Have your sons talk it up at school, via text and on facebook & emails and perhaps reach out to their teams and clubs
  2. Get in touch with the Philanthropy Contact in advance to confirm details and number of volunteers. Usually a week out and then again a day or two out.
  3. Contact SASO volunteers to confirm details and their commitment. Again usually a week in advance and then again a day or two in advance. Expects some fall out from volunteers, but do not let them off the hook lightly if you really need them. They must find replacements if they cancel at last minute
  4. Ask for SASO volunteers to bring supplies or equipment if needed. Also, ask for volunteers to supply drinks and snacks for SASO members if the event is long and snacks & beverages needed. (Not necessary for all events.)
  5. Ask for SASO volunteers to take pictures during the event. Good to have a couple of boys and one or two moms so you have various perspectives.
  6. Ask someone (mother or son) to write up a short note/article about the event.
  7. Remind SASO members to wear SASO shirts.
  8. At the event:
    1. Assign someone to check in volunteers (including email addresses.)
    2. Make sure we leave a place as good or better than when we arrived.
    3. Remind boys & moms to refrain from talking on cell phones or texting unless an emergency.
    4. Remind boys to shake hands and introduce themselves to the philanthropy personnel present at the event.
    5. If tasks are completed ahead of schedule ask philanthropy if there is anything additional we can do to help them.
    6. If you are not able to complete the task in the given time assure philanthropy we will work with them to complete in the future and then immediately contact the appropriate Philanthropy Liaison.
    7. Ensure all boys behave in a positive, polite and respectful manner at all times.
    8. If appropriate assign various boys to head up pieces of the project
  9. Post Event:
    1. Send names and hours of volunteers to Karen Duffy, VP of Membership at
    2. Send names of any “No Shows” to Karen Duffy as well.
    3. We would love your feedback!! Send any comments and suggestions on what went well and what could be improved upon for future events to Anne Day (VP of Philanthropy) and Co-Presidents Jenn O’Hara and Meg Kelleher