SASO inspires and mobilizes
girls and their mothers
to provide service and leadership that positively impacts the local communities


SASO offers philanthropic opportunities for Mothers and Daughters to impact their community and beyond. Click here to view our scheduled events.

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SASO is an inclusive Mother/Daughter Organization. Click here to view our membership process.

Founding Board

Caitie and Fran Lynch
Caroline, Kelly and Eileen Brown
Emerson and Christine Lyons
Julia and Moira Sargent
Emily and Karen Duffy
Allie, Clare and Karen Sullivan
Erin and Katie O’Connell
Alanna and Colleen Murphy
Meredith, Bridget and Margaret Reynolds
Bridget, Anna and Pam Paulmann
Melissa, Juliet and Deanna Bucher
Olivia, Grace and Jen Hawkins
Hannah and Lulu Kleinbeck
Allie and Liz Neugebauer
Sam and Laura Keane